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1. What is "cradled panel?
Cradled panel simply implies a side support for the thin hardboard panel, as seen in the image below. Larger panels have additional bracing. Sides are finished with clear gloss varnish and ready to hang (no framing needed).

2. Do the paintings need to be framed?
No, but they certainly could be. For cradled panel paintings, the sides are either wood or a hardwood plywood construction, and are finished with a clear varnish. This gives the paintings a simple, clean and minimal appearance that does not need framing. As for canvas paintings, the canvas is carefully wrapped abound the sides and excess canvas is stapled to the support, so their is no exposed canvas edges. The effect is also simple and minimal. The only time a painting would need to be framed is for works done on paper.

3. How are the paintings hung on the wall? 
I use a picture wire on the back of all my original works, so hanging is easy.

3. Why do you paint on cradled panel? 
For a number of reasons. I generally like the smoother texture, that cradled panel offers, as well as the being able to collage and work on a hard surface, that canvas doesn't allow. The smoother texture lends itself better to finer detail.

 4. Do you paint on canvas or other supports? 
You bet. Cradled panel has its advantages, but so does canvas. Sometimes I prefer a bit of a softer texture that canvas affords, but also panel supports start to get a bit heavy when you work in sizes above 3 feet. I also do work on paper from time to time.

5. Do you create custom paintings for people? 
Sure do. Please visit the commission page for more information!

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