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printed with archival ink on heavy weight, acid free paper

There are numerous origin myths around the world that ravens (and crows) were originally white, but something happened that transformed their color to black, which is in part the inspiration for this work.
Ancient greek mythology tells the story or Apollo, who when told by a crow that his lover had married someone else, first turned to the crow in anger and burned his feathers black.
Many Native American tribes told different stories about how the crow became black. One version tells how the crow, in attempt to help life on earth from freezing, flew upward for 3 days to get the creator's attention. The creator decides to give fire to crow to take back to earth, by means of a stick that was poked into the sun. Because it was such a long journey, the burning stick charred all of crow's feathers on the return trip.

Tags: blue, mythology, crow, bird

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